About Us

Nutrition 60% Exercise 40%

Xceed Fitness was founded late in 2015 and has prided itself on the health products it delivers since it’s inception. Head coach James has worked hard in the gym throughout his life and is second to none when it comes to experience. We work within modern nutritional concepts and understand what is realistic, doable and what isn’t.  We love a challenge, so your goals become our goals! Weight loss, strength gain, nutritional improvements to name a few, we are with you all the way and when you hit your goal, we hit ours.

About Us

We have grown into a fully established studio and large group training fitness company. We have helped a magnitude of people over the time to realise their potential and helped them achieve more than they thought possible. Our qualifications cover a range of health specific topics like weight management, sports and conditioning and circuit classes amongst others. Our background is from various sports, the main being skiing. This involved the tutoring of other ski instructors and also the health and fitness of these instructors that were looking to better themselves. We also have experience within Rugby league, football and other team sports.

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Today is THAT day. Every Monday starts a new diet or a new training plan, but you are here now and you are a couple of clicks away from change! Get the ball rolling and you will be in a much better place tomorrow than you are right now. Getting in touch is the hardest step but the most worthwhile. We are here to help, not to hinder.

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