Calorie Killer

Short and sharp

Early morning classes designed to lift your energy levels and burn plenty of calories which is a must for most clients. Free weights and body weight based exercises in combination with using a variety of training templates to challenge and test any ability level. No coffee needed, just plenty of water!

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Strength & Conditioning

Looking to get strong?

Learn to lift with proper technique in themed classes that really push you, and take you to places you have never been to before. Learn new exercises and training methods to avoid any plateau. Slower paced sessions with emphasis on overloading the muscles with work. This class will have you feeling the DOMS!

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Xceed Blitz

Quality training on a budget

These group sessions involve lung busting, muscle popping and core bullying drills within a large group setting. These sessions are guaranteed to leave you sweating, but satisfied that you have achieved something. Meet other like minded people that are wanting to achieve similar things as you. Welcoming classes, great for all ability levels. Be ready for a non stop, quick paced workout that will make you realise how training is really done!

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Get your gloves and pads ready

We are about to go to town. Sessions designed to get you moving and get your heart pounding. Jab, hook and uppercut your way to a calorie deficit! Partners are useful but not necessary. Your own pads and gloves are recommended. Learn how to hold pads, learns how to throw combos. Its a great session for the mind and body, guaranteeing to leave you more relaxed and stress free afterwards. Had a bad day? Get booked on now!

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